Electrical Grade Crepe Paper

Crepe paper are special type of insulation paper which are used to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces where a proper insulation cannot reach with a flat paper.

With advancement in the field of crepe paper specialities were developed for application as Magnet Wire Insulation, Layer Insulation in Transformers, RIP Bushing OR as Shielding Material.


This crepe paper are processed from Insulation Kraft Base Paper which weighs between 40-100gm2 (50-125 microns). Insulation Kraft Paper is manufactured from Electric Grade Long Fibre , Unbleached Sulphate Kraft Pulp . This paper is totally free from conductive particles.

Our Crepe paper is in accordance to IEC 60554-3-3. The crepe paper processed by us has an elongation ranging between 20-150%. We supply them in master role of 750mm and in slit width from 20mm and above. We even supply Crepe Paper on basis of our tailor made requirement.